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Life is good in Southern Idaho. In the Magic Valley region, one finds beautiful waterways where people participate in a range of outdoor activities, including kayaking, rock climbing, base jumping, and whitewater rafting. Some of the oldest Indian artifacts in the nation have been found in and around the Twin Falls area. Unfortunately, a lot of drug abuse is also found here. If you or someone that you care about is struggling with substance abuse, please call Twin Falls drug treatment centers today for advisory help.

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Why do Some Become Addicts?

If you think that anyone who's dependent on drugs deliberately sets out to get themselves addicted, think again. Nobody becomes habituated to substances such as OxyContin, Norco, Vicodin, or benzo sedatives on purpose. But, when the human body and brain are repeatedly exposed to such drugs, addiction is virtually guaranteed.

People typically start using drugs or drinking alcohol because it feels good to them at the time. Intoxication may allow those people to shed their social inhibitions and feel like the life of the party. Some addicts started dabbling with drugs or drinking as a way to escape emotional discomfort or physical pain.

Others reach for habit-forming substances as a way of fitting in with a peer group with which they identify. In reality, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference how a person becomes addicted. The best way to break the chains of addiction is to seek professional support and guidance at one of a number of alcohol and drug rehabs in Twin Falls or local area that we can tell you about.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a prolonged and degenerative medical condition that is characterized by the compulsion to take drugs or drink no matter how dire the consequences. People who are dependent on opiate drugs or alcohol may go to great lengths to obtain and use the substance. They may lie to their friends, cheat their employer, and steal from their family to support their addictive drug habit. They may lose the title to their home, be fired from their job, or wreck their marital situation. They may discard their most long-term friends and replace them with drug dealers and other addicts.

With continuous drug or alcohol use, lasting brain changes are bound to occur. Some of these changes can be quite severe. That's why it's imperative for addicts and alcoholics to kick their habits with behavioral counseling, and sometimes, medical intervention. A number of well-respected centers for addiction treatment in Twin Falls and the surrounding regions now offer medical interventions that make it a lot easier for the addict to stop taking drugs or over-drinking. Follow up peer support groups and specialized programs for addiction tend to increase the addict's chances of staying clean and sober for a lifetime.

What is Relapse and How Can Twin Falls Drug Treatment Centers  Help

In the most concise terms, relapse is a return to old destructive habits. Relapse is relatively common, but not everyone recognizes when a relapse when it's about to occur. Relapse prevention programs help many addicts resist the irresistible temptation to start using again.

Relapse prevention programs, especially self-help peer support group meetings, decrease the feelings of isolation that typically precede a relapse into bad habits. Because drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic medical conditions, drug relapse prevention can be a lifesaver. When the addict's family is involved, groups like Al-Anon can offer a lifetime of support.

Relapse Statistics

Addiction is a chronic condition, and the addict is never fully "cured" of their craving for drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a womb-to-tomb disorder with a relapse rate that is roughly the same as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and a number of other medical illnesses. Because addiction and alcoholism are personal diseases that evince both behavioral and physiological components, relapse prevention programs can be custom fit for the individual.

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